Pro Tip: Hacking the Kuerig 2.0

One of the top questions we get is "do your single serve cups work with the Kuerig 2.0 machine?" 

The answer: Not yet. But VERY soon...

HOWEVER..... If you are stuck with a Kuerig 2.0 machine there are a few ways around this issue. Here is just one of the ways we have found to work around this problem. 

Also with a little bit of digging it seems that Kuerig figured out that they had pissed off their customer base after a 10% drop in profits in 2015

At any rate, in very short order our single serve cups will be 100% compatible with Kuerig brewers once existing stock is depleted. Once this is fully in effect we will update our product listings to reflect that. 

In the meantime, rest assured that our Single Serve Cups will work, or can be made to work with your machine. 

Brew on, brothers and sisters... brew on indeed. 

- Rob 


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